Friday, May 22, 2009

The 13 year old first time fuck with babysitter

I was just a normal 13 year old kid at the time I lost my virginity. First, let me describe myself. I am 5'11'' with a well toned, strong, muscular body from the many hours i spend kickboxing. i was always a flirt during middle school but one day it went a little bit too far.

I was just packing up, ready to get the hell out of my class, when the hottest chick from highschool, Vannessa, walked over to me. She was a 5'9'' brunettewith well-sized boobs and a tight ass that always was screaming "fuck me". she was always wearing very sexy clothes just to get all of thejocks hard. Heres a pic of her:

 i was trying to get out of school fast because my parents were gone for the week and i wanted to go home and wank myself silly. she walked up to me and said,

"I know this is totally uncool, but your parents! asked me to babysit u for the week while they're gone."

After that comment i was ready to kill someone. my parents had gotten me a fucking( no pun intended) babysitter! but then a plan started to form in my mind.

"sure, that'll be great"

"really, i was hoping you'd be ok with it"

"oh, trust me, i really ok with it"

We both hopped into her car and she drove me home. I asked her:

" will u be spending the night"

"of course, your parents said so"

After watching a couple of movies and eating some take-out, i said i was going to turn in and get some sleep. i went upstairs and crawled underneath the covers and waited until 12:00 am. i had had a lot of bsitters in the pas! t and had learned that the babysitter always did what they wan! ted duri ng the middle of the night. and sure enough i could hear moaning coming from downstairs. i went downstairs to find my babysiter was watching a porno and was masturbaiting. i acted all surprised and yelled out:

" what the hell are u doing!"

her head whipped around and her beautiful boobs jiggled slightly.

" oh my god, im so sorry. please dont tell your parents!"

I wont as long as u continue and let me see what you were doing"

You little fucking perv "

do u want me to tell my parents"

she sighed and said no. by then i had had a major hardon. i have taken to sleeping naked, so when she started again my 7'' long cock was sticking straight out. while talking to her, i had noticed her eyes grow big when she saw it.

By this time she was moaning again. i started storking my cock to the rhythm of her moans pretty soon i was close to cumming, when i yelled stop. she immediatly stopped playing with her clit and looked at me.

whats wrong"

then i strood over to her and said i want u too suck my dick. she screamed no, but when she opened her mouth i shoved my dick in. she started gagging but then she started bobbing up and down rhythmically. i was in pure bliss and only lasted a couple of seconds. then i collasped on her.

after i had recoverd, she was back to stroking her clit and moaning in my ear. i got back up and said that i wanted to fuck her. she said hell no. i then thrusted my rod suddenly into her. i felt a little resistance from her cherry, but then i pushed on thru, breaking it. she started to scream and i hurridky pulled out of her  and asked her what was wrong. s! he started saying something about her cherry being popped. i t! hen reme mber my sex ed class and what the cherry was and thrust my cock back inside her cunt. i then started pounding my very first pussy. after a while she started moaning. this went on for about ten minutes and then we orgasmed at the same time. we collasped on each other and stayed that way until morning.

To be continued....

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